Wednesday, July 17, 2013

5 Things You Need To Stop Doing On Facebook Right Now

5. Stop liking your own posts. The "like" function is a great way to show you appreciate something someone else posted without having to make the monumental effort of commenting "I liked this." But by posting something yourself, you're already indicating you "like" it. (Unless you're posting it so that you and your friends can hate it together, in which case you should indicate that hatred by commenting "Look at this bullshit.") Do you think you are getting the ball rolling on "likes" by liking it yourself? That you're indicating to friends that this is a "like"-safe space? Well, you're not. Shame on you and your beach-ready body.

4. Stop communicating with your spouse on Facebook. Have you no conscience? Unless you and your spouse live on opposite sides of the planet—no, even then. Even if you do, you have no excuse to share things on Facebook with the person you're married to. You should be wishing them a "happy anniversary" privately, instead of using your special day as an excuse to let all your single friends know how much happier you are than them. If you feel suddenly overwhelmed by the need to tell your spouse just how lucky you are to have them in your life, consider whispering this information in their ear instead of co-opting their wall. Open up a damn email and send your spouse a private link to whatever video of an otter playing with a rock is unmissable today. Then post the same video on Facebook if you must. Just don't mix the two.

3. Stop thanking everyone as a group for telling you "happy birthday" on Facebook. Thanking everyone at once for their birthday wishes only perpetuates the tradition of half-assed birthday greetings. You're basically saying "I care as much about you writing 'happy birthday' on my wall as you care that my birthday was filled with surprises." Break the cycle. Only thank those people who sent you a thoughtfully selected Someecard. Ignore those who mindlessly scrawl "happy birthday!" on everyone's wall, even if you met on a summer program six years ago and haven't spoken since.

2. Stop sharing links to articles or videos with only the word "This." See #5 for an explanation of how "liking" works. Saying "this" offers exactly zero additional information. The very act of sharing a link on Facebook is the e-equivalent of saying "this." Your "this" is both redundant and, inevitably, a disappointment, as the stupid shit you're sharing almost never merits your enthusiasm for it. Remember: your friends want to be put off by your opinions—not those of some blogger.

1. Stop using an announcement that you will no longer be political on facebook as an excuse to share your political opinions. Seriously, just stop.

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