Monday, June 30, 2014

21 People Who Are Way Too Turnt

1. This wedding party.

This wedding party.

2. This girl using a slice of pizza as a pillow.

Drunk girl using a slice of pizza as a pillow... Welcome to Britain

3. Whoever left this at the club.

So turnt up they left their leg at the club

4. This grandma.

This grandma.

5. This guy.

This guy.
“So my friend got drunk and bet me he could fit an entire box of straws in his mouth…did not disappoint.”

6. This teacher.

7. This dog that looks like Big Sean.


8. This congregation.

9. Rob Ford.

Rob Ford.

10. This squad.

11. These puppies.

These puppies.

12. These cats.

13. This giraffe.

14. This baby.

This baby.

15. This kid drunk with power.

This kid drunk with power.

16. These eyebrows.

These eyebrows.

17. This chair doing the stanky legg.

This chair doing the stanky legg.

18. This soda.

This soda.

19. This person.

This person.

20. Mary.


21. And Craig.

And Craig.

via - BuzzFeed

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