Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The 35 Dumbest Things That Have Ever Happened

via - BuzzFeed

1. The inauguration of President Barraco Barner:

The inauguration of President Barraco Barner:

2. This wish:

This wish:

3. This question:

This question:

4. This observation:

This observation:

5. This shocking discovery:

This shocking discovery:

6. This history lesson:

This history lesson:

7. This pressing question:

This pressing question:

8. This welcome sign:

This welcome sign:

9. This origin story:

This origin story:

10. This stupid question:

This stupid question:

11. This very important question:

This very important question:

12. Robby’s rough night:

Robby's rough night:

13. This sad fact:

This sad fact:

14. This call for help:

This call for help:

15. This tragedy:

This tragedy:

16. This amateur art historian:

This amateur art historian:

17. This person’s plug struggle (puggle):

This person's plug struggle (puggle):

18. This elevator drama:

This elevator drama:

19. This person’s severe lack of toast:

This person's severe lack of toast:

20. This alarming lack of comma:

This alarming lack of comma:

21. This unfortunate turn of events:

This unfortunate turn of events:

22. This person’s haircut:

This person's haircut:

23. This person’s dream:

This person's dream:

24. This heart-wrenching show of devotion:

This heart-wrenching show of devotion:

25. This message of love:

This message of love:

26. This person’s discovery of books:

This person's discovery of books:

27. This grammatical brunch:

This grammatical brunch:

28. This person’s plan:

This person's plan:

29. This person’s new perfume:

This person's new perfume:

30. This person’s first elevator trip:

This person's first elevator trip:

31. This adventure:

This adventure:

32. This biology lesson:

This biology lesson:

33. This interesting hypothesis:

This interesting hypothesis:

34. This devastating fact:

This devastating fact:

35. And this time traveler’s discovery:

And this time traveler's discovery:


Macca said...

and they have the ability to breed

Macca said...

and they have the ability to breed

SteveBrantley said...

And they will most likely vote....

Anonymous said...

these are fake

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure these people are just trying to be dumb on purpose- that, and some autocorrect mistakes. Also, let's not forget that little kids and teeny boppers are on social media these days. We're all pretty dumb at that age. Just saying.