Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The 29 Biggest Sexting Fails Of All Time

1. Send me a pic…

Send me a pic...

2. Your module:

Your module:

3. My bad.

My bad.

4. Below the belt:

Below the belt:

5. Susan Sontags:

Susan Sontags:

6. Talk dirty:

Talk dirty:

7. Dark and stormy:

Dark and stormy:

8. Any more pics?

Any more pics?

9. Oh baby:

Oh baby:

10. Go outside:

Go outside:

11. Russian Women:

Russian Women:

12. Dimples:


13. Seriously?


14. Up all night:

Up all night:

15. Let’s pretend…

Let's pretend...

16. Building a fort:

Building a fort:

17. Need inspiration:

Need inspiration:

18. Rep. Weiner pic:

Rep. Weiner pic:

19. This is for you:

This is for you:

20. No pants, no problem:

No pants, no problem:

21. Your pens:

Your pens:

22. Gettin’ hot in here:

Gettin' hot in here:

23. You’d WHAT?

You'd WHAT?

24. Seafaring sexting:

Seafaring sexting:

25. Santa is coming to town:

Santa is coming to town:

26. King of the jungle:

King of the jungle:

27. Baby making:

Baby making:

28. Homeless:


29. Did I do that???

Did I do that???

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Sylvia Mitchell said...

What the F***! I just can't stop laughing.hahaha

I also spotted a Top 17 Immensely Funny Sexting Fails the other day and shared it with my friends.

I will surely bookmark and share this blog with them again. :P