Monday, August 24, 2015

Oh, You're Offended? Sorry Not Sorry.

What's up with sensitive ass motherfuckers these days? Like for reals.

You know people, I've been blogging for almost 5 years now, have had my Facebook Fan Page for about 3-4 years and Twitter and Instagram for about 2-3. Fuck my Twitter though...that shit makes me think too much.

For those that follow me, know I LOVE Social Networks. Shit gets me hard at least 4 days a week, 3 times a fucking day. For someone who writes for fun and post pics for entertainment, my main goal is to ALWAYS make sure I can at least make one of you motherfuckers laugh. Doing so not only reminds me that I did my job BUT, made someone's fucking day...especially after a shitty one. Laughter is the best medicine. Am I right?

Someone like myself who doesn't take social networking to the extreme, the one thing I gotta say is that some cats take this shit like it's life or death. Real talk.

For example, on my Facebook Fan Page, I have close to 180K fans. Some have been with me since the very beginning. Some fans are fairly new and digging the fuck out of what I post. And then there are some (like 2%), who are clueless as fuck and need to hit that "UNLIKE", immediately, fuck face.

I have NEVER understood people who like a page but when they see a post they don't like, they get all offended and butt hurt. You for real, motherfucker? Stop bullshittin'.

How in the living fuck could you like a page and be offended by what is posted? That's like me hiring a hooker and giving her hand shakes and high fives and not fucking or getting a reach-around...makes no goddamn sense. If you're so offended and acting like a little bitch, why say anything? Does it bug you THAT much that it ruins your day? Because guess what? It's the fucking Internet, asshole. You know what I do if I follow something that I don't like? I don't respond bc it's either 1) Not funny, 2) Not my thing or 3) So stupid that it really isn't worth my time, a like or better yet, a fucking response.

I never understood these motherfuckers. They laugh and "LIKE" all the shit someone post, but as soon as something is posted that they're guilty of...oh out! We got a bad ass over here who is mad as fuck, y'all!


You serious right now? That's like going to and expecting to see some Christian Mingle shit, people.

Here's an idea: go to Home Depot and buy yourself a shit ton of wood, build a bridge then get the fuck over yourself.

Some of you Internet lovers who have nothing better to do need to lighten the fuck up and find something better to do with your goddamn time. Like maybe find a fucking job or figure out who the fuck your baby daddy is. Straight up.

Too many times (lucky for me, not much on my pages), I see this shit happening. Sensitive ass bitches crying about jokes. You that upset, fuckmouth? Realize, you tripping over nothing not only makes you look like a fool, but the biggest Monkey Mouth Bitch for FOLLOWING the person you're hating on. That's called "Trolling" for you folks behind the times.

It's the Internet, people. For fucks sake, your life isn't at fucking risk. You think you're that fucking special that people and their pics or post should cater to you? Fuck that! Welcome to the world of jokes and real world shit that a majority of people don't talk about but are thinking.

It boggles my degenerate fucking mind that instead of worrying about shit that happens in our daily lives, more people are worried about what the "Suck My Dick, You Cock Sucking Whore" fan page posted last week at 5:10pm. You've been a fan since 2014, motherfucker. What the fuck do you think was going to be posted on a page that has the phrase, "Cock Sucking Whore"? Jesus Christ cumming on a fucking cracker. Wake the fuck up!!!!

I know I sound like a broken record but c'mon, fam...why do some of y'all take shit to the Nth degree? It's the internet. If you don't like shit, then ignore it. Turn the other fucking cheek. Go to the gym. Post a selfie. No one gives two fucks why you're offended...especially if you're guilty of being a fan. Do you hear me knocking? Then let me in, bitch!

Chill out and lighten the fuck up. There's more shit to worry about then you being offended about meaningless fucking shit. Unless your ass is Jared Fogle, calm the fuck down, motherfucker. Everyone got jokes. It's just that sometimes, not everyone is gonna see eye to eye. And you know what?

That's alright.

No go in peace and offend somebody.


Anonymous said...

Thanks heaps for posting this article... and for posting everything you do post. I laugh my ass off at just about everything you post on Facebook (fuck twitter and thinking!). You have the right to offend as much as everyone has the right to be offended. But just unfollow... no need to tell the world how offended you are... Thanks for being fucking rad and not keeping this article / opinion to yourself. Big love and respect

H-Bomb said...

Finally read that shit. And TRUTH. Fuck outta here with that monkey mouth bitch bullshit!