Monday, September 5, 2011

If I've offended you, please go fuck yourself.

Just the other day, someone hit up the Facebook fan page and basically told me that my page and blog were too harsh and way out of line. He then went on to say that there are kids on Facebook that could possibly get a hold of it...blah, blah fucking blah. You know what I told this fucker? I simply said, and I quote, "Last time I checked, you found my page. If you don't like it, you can simply "Unlike" it." His response, "You got it bro!" Thankfully, it's one less fucktard I need to worry about.

Dear Ass Clown, I started my blog back in November 2010 and Facebook Fan Page not even 3 weeks ago. And just like I told those haters that decided to give me their bullshit insight...if I've offended you, please go fuck yourself. What happened to some of society's humor? What happened to people that could actually appreciate something that was so over-exaggerated that it made them piss themselves? What the fuck happened? You know what happened? Mother fuckers became soft and out of tune with life, that's what happened. Congrats on a job well done. Dick.

To the fans and supporters that are part of my fan page and avid readers of this blog, YOU GET IT. You get the comedy behind it all. You're not like some of these assholes that think just because you hear the words FUCK, SHIT, MOTHER FUCKER, BITCH, ASSHOLE AND PUSSY, that all is bad. Grow a fucking back bone haters. Last I checked, people that cuss aren't classless, trashy pieces of shit...well, some aren't. While people with a good sense of humor get a good laugh daily, Hater Magee's probably on his computer hitting up some online chat room talking to some fucking 16 year old that's gonna make him the next superstar on "To Catch A Predator" on NBC's Dateline. My job is not to monitor what I post or say. It's your job to either accept it or get the fuck out. Same thing goes for kids. I'm not a babysitter. If I was, I wouldn't be doing this shit...duh. However, the funny part is, kids probably have a better sense of humor then this dick fuck. Can I get an A-MEN?

So in summary Mr. Hater...if I've offended you, go fuck yourself:

- Go fuck yourself because you probably still tell knock-knock jokes.

- Go fuck yourself because you still talk to inanimate objects in your studio apartment.

- Go fuck yourself because you probably haven't had sex in...I don't know...EVER.

- Go fuck yourself because if I cared what people like you thought, I'd have one fan...YOU.

- Go fuck yourself because the people reading this want you to go fuck yourself too.

- Go fuck yourself because I know you're reading this and there is nothing you can do about it.

- Go fuck yourself because after you read what I wrote, you're gonna go crawl in a corner, turn on some Enya and cry yourself to sleep.

- Go fuck yourself because all that yoga you've been doing, you can now actually go fuck yourself.

- Plain and simple...go fuck yourself and find a page that is a little more PG to your liking.

I'm done.

Now that my rant is over...who wants a beer?


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Well said...who the fuck does he think he is??

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And oh yeah dude go fuck yourself.

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