Funny Vids

This Is Why It Pays To Listen In A Relationship

The Lie Detector Test

What "Mean Girls" Would Look Like At An All-Black High School
Best Wake Up Pranks!!!!

Charles Ramsey - A HERO

How Not To Orgasm

Things White People Can't Say

Jesus Saves...Not this time. Hitchhiker to the rescue!!!!

Shit Girlfriends Say

Bat Shit Crazy...LIKE A BOSS!!!!

Male Honesty

The 100 Greatest Movie Insults of All Time

For all you dry faced-ed hoes!

The Best Dating Site on the Planet

The WTF Reporter

"Fuck Off"

Shit Guys Say

One word: Borrachos

Need Inspiration? Well here it is.

What Women REALLY Want

E-Thuggin': The tough guys behind the computer screen

Occupy Wall Street - An Irishman's Take (he fucking rules)


Mr. Dougie Man, Meet Mr. Ice Cream Truck

Why Booze is Bad at Weddings - EPIC FAIL!!!

Got Junk? Jones got your back son!

The Most Fearless Animal

Why You Should Never Give Your # Away at Bars

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