Tuesday, July 15, 2014

10 Things Women Need To Stop Doing Right Now

1. Over-tanning. Kids will start to think you're made out of chocolate for fuck's sake.

2. Making your man hold your purse. I didn't know two of you had vagina's?

3. The Duckface. For the love of God. Kill yourself.

4. Holding onto your ex-boyfriend. This is why motherfuckers go to jail.

5. Hating other women. Y'all are just angry.

6. Getting all done up when going to the gym. I mean, really? You gonna workout or go to the club?

7. Posting your baby mama drama on Facebook. Here's a hint: NO ONE CARES.

8. Bitch about not finding a nice guy, when you end up with a guy like this:

9. #NoFilter Posts. Sometimes, y'all need some fucking filters. Just sayin'.

10. Act dumb because you think it's cute. NEWSFLASH: It's not. Dumbass.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That video killed more brain cells than huffing nitrous