Wednesday, July 16, 2014

10 Things Men Need To Stop Doing Right Now

1. Skipping leg day. Upper body like Mark Walhberg. Legs like Mischa Barton.

2. Taking tough guy/gym selfies. Congratulations, you are an even bigger fucking douche now.

3. Sending dick pics. C'mon chick wants to see your coat hanger cock.

4. Having a side chick. Why? Cause women aren't stupid. Well, unless you're these motherfuckers.

5. Wearing skinny jeans. Time to check your manhood...and your penis. 

6. This. I mean...WHAT THE FUCK?!

7. Being a bitch. Men should never be more feminine than a woman. EVER. 

8. Using Axe Body spray products. You really think that shit smells good to women?

9. Avoiding oral sex with your gal. Eat a woman out, and they will return the favor...10 fold. 

10. Thinking you're God's gift to EVERYONE. Have you looked in the mirror, asshole?

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