Tuesday, January 6, 2015

25 Signs That You're a "Basic Bitch"

1. You "Can't Even". 

2. You watch ALL the "Real Housewives Of…"

3. You say shit like this...

4. Two Words: Forever 21

 5. Pressed Juices are your livelihood. 

6. You listen to Taylor Swift. 

7. Your nail art game is tight as fuck.  

8. Starbucks. So much fucking STARBUCKS!!! 

9. Yoga pants. 

10. Eyebrow game on fleek. 

11. You only consume clear alcoholic beverages because calories aren't the business. 

12. If Beyonce says it's ok, then it's ok. 

13. Selfies. About 20,839 of them. 

14. Anything with this: 

OR this:

15. Resting Bitch Face

16. The iPhone. Because nothing. iPhone. 

17. Uggs: The official sponsor of Basic Bitches. 

18. Mason Jar projects and beyond...


19. Pinterest

20. Your love for clean eating and kale. 

21. The never ending love for heels. 

22. When you go out with your girls, you refer to it as getting "Turnt Up": #allthesingleladies

23. You're not religious but more, spiritual. 

24. Brunch is your absolute FAVE.

25. Ryan Gosling and your love for the movie, "The Notebook". 

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