Thursday, July 25, 2019

And Then There Were Two

It’s been 239 days since the last Ghetto Genius Post. TBH, we all had given up, in little increments long before J-Wunder put up his whiny ass Evita-esque, don’t cry for me Blogiverse post. That was just the day we cut the lights, locked the doors, and shuttered up the ‘ol GGHQ for the last time. It’s the same old story, things had changed, the times had changed, most importantly, we had changed; we were tired, older, not really wiser, busier, shit just kept rolling downhill, and we were done trying to catch it. 

And we lost some folks along the way. J-Shap and L-Train, two formidable forces on our blog, passed away. J-Shap in 2016 from a stroke while driving back to FL and L-Train earlier this year from ovarian cancer - L fought long and hard, almost 5 years, and in her last days she was texting me and the Wundercunt that she wanted to write more. I would give my left tit to be able to write with her again. J-Wunder would probably give his left tit too, big tiddy bitch.

The other contributors fell by the wayside as well. We all did this as a hobby, and as people’s lives expanded their time diminished. The OG crew was all but gone a few years ago, only Anonymous and The Ringer hanging on like the fucking latch key kids they are. Last I heard Anonymous works at a gas station in Bakersfield, CA, devastated the Cat Lady would never make kittens with him. Just kidding that motherfucker sells advertising for some big company in San Fran and The Ringer lives a nice quiet life outside of LA as a fluffer in gay porn. Kidding again, he is a property manager in Calabasas. 

For a long while, it was just me and J, sending each other bullshit, making fun of the whack ass shit we would read, and trying to find the same fire we previously had in ourselves, that wasn’t related to recent STIs (we both are surprisingly clean), or massive amounts of spicy food making our near middle aged doody holes feel like the ring of fire. But, we both had lost that loving feeling and we both loved this blog too much to put out shit, just because. We may be assholes, but we are purists when it comes to our art. And yes, this is motherfucking Art. I will fight anyone who tries to tell me it is not. And by fight, I mean I will probably curse you out, then go home and go to bed cus I am too old for jail and I don’t want to spend my 401k money on bail and legal fees. 

But, we all know J-Wunder and I love to write and tell stories and spin yarns. We are funny motherfuckers, even when dealing with our day to day mundane bullshit. And we missed that. We missed the fuckery, the funny, the family that is the GG Fam. So when that fool texted me, “It’s time H-Bomb, it’s time.” I knew it was MOTHERFUCKING TIME.

However, this isn’t going to be the Ghetto Genius from the past. That is dead, and we are going to let it rest in power. Homegoing celebration is today, drink at your own risk. We are not responsible for the impregnation of any bitches that you fucked pouring one out for the homies. I made it 39.78 years getting so white girl wasted I could call the cops on someone else’s bbq and managed not to get a parasite, you can do the same for 5 minutes. 

Ghetto Genius 4.0 is not your average reboot, either. We didn’t get rebranded cus we got bought out, had some scandal, or needed an overhaul for our sad, tired, asses. We are new, maybe not improved, but different. We will still bring the fuckery and the funny, the raw shit, and all that, but we are doing it on our own terms. You can get right, or get left, because the only middle we are is aged and we aged like fine motherfucking wine. I don’t care what J-Wunder said about himself, I am looking good as fuck for almost 40. 

If you want to talk to us, get at us at you can send your thoughts, suggestions (but keep in mind who you are sending this to), or questions (we love them shits, keep em coming), because we do love our fans. But if you act a fool, you will get treated. 

Strap in, or in my case, Strap on, and let’s get this motherfucking party started. But, I gotta be in bed by 10 because I got shit to do tomorrow. Welcome to the Ghetto Genius 4.0. - not kinder or gentler. Just better. 



PS - This is for you L-Train and J-Shap...Rest In Paradise.


Unknown said...

Can't wait to read some new shit!

Mari said...

JulieKaaaaaaaaye said...

Can’t wait!!!

TheHappyBitch said...

Happy GG is back, albeit slightly changed, as happens in life. Looking forward to it, we've missed you!

Kim from Milwaukee said...

I'm so sorry for your losses. Thank you for coming back in a big way.

Jessica Barnette said...

I've been following you folks for years and you are responsible for some terrible decision making on my part, welcome back. You guys are what is missing in my year I turned 40. I am sorry to hear of the loss of your friends. After reading you all for years, going through some dark times and latching on to the funny for solace, to survive the pain, this hurt to hear. All that being said, I'm glad you're back. I look forward to some laughs, older, slightly more mature laughs. Because we are now grown ups and shit. Love yall.

Anonymous said...

Glad your back. Now get it done!

kristin77 said...

Damn that sucks... So sorry for the loss of your peoples. I've been with you crazy bitches for years... Almost since the beginning! I love you psycho mother fuckers and can not wait to read some new shit!! Missed you guys! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’š I know you guys will bring it just as fantastically as usual!