Tuesday, May 8, 2012

J-Wun and CREW Ain't Nothin' To Fuck With

I want to make one thing crystal motherfucking clear: Here at Ghetto Genius HQ, we don't give a fuck. Surprised? Don't be. Because honestly, while we give a fuck about you as a fan and on some level we do appreciate your feed back, the level of douchebaggery with the commenting has become quite astounding of late.

We're not writers. Fuck, we're not even English majors. Ok, well H-Bomb was before she dropped out of college to go turn tricks or whatever the fuck she does when she is not writing columns, but we're mainly just a bunch of mother fuckers (I actually had to stop banging your mom to write this, and now I am pissed) who got together to write about shit to make people laugh. We don't sit in a room and "brainstorm" ideas and do survey's on what we think is funny. We just go out and fucking do what we do. And when you are living your day-to-day life, you tend to see a lot of funny ass shit, fuckery, foolery and overall shenanigans, that you sometimes just gotta write about. We ARE all about keepin' shit real and goddamn entertaining, so that the fans and followers who do read our shit, enjoy the living fuck out of it. Real talk, because it's our real lives.

From time to time we get comments, emails, FB posts and tons of non-sense opinions. For some odd reason, there are mother fuckers out there that think they know better. NEWS FLASH: This is a blog for entertainment value. Did some of ya'll miss the boat on that shit? Here is an idea we DID sit around and brainstorm about...and by brainstorm, I mean we got pants-shitting drunk and talked about it. Since you know better, here's the winning lottery ticket of ideas: Go start a blog that we can all watch fail fucking miserably. I will even give you a good web address to work with: www.noonegivesafuckwhatyouhavetosay.com

Damn, have I been drinking the Haterade or what? Ummmm...not so much. But it seems like a few of you fuckers have, and it's not even annoying, but more boring, that we are spending time that we could use to bring you the funny shit, to read a bunch of nonsensical drivel. I'm just being honest because MOTHER FUCKERS NEED TO KNOW HOW TO TAKE A GODDAMN JOKE. LIGHTEN UP AND CHILL THE FUCK OUT. We put shit out there to make you laugh and if you wanna dissect it, comment on it, pick it apart and just think you are better than us, like we said, you can go start your own blog. And The CREW and I will be the first mother fuckers to read that shit 72 times a day and comment on every single, solitary thing you, your mom and your cats post about. We promise like a mother fucker.

Here’s another idea: Go to Home Depot and buy some wood so you can build a bridge and get the fuck over yourself. Better yet, go fuck or suck something. If that's not your cup of tea, go get hit by a bus...TWICE.

Man, I feel better now that's off our chest and breasts. Laughter is the best medicine so for fuck's sake, if you don't like what you read, don't read it. Move the fuck on with your life. Do you think this blog has almost 2 million hits for nothing? No, mother fucker. It has almost 2 million hits because people like our fans and blog faithful appreciate the humor behind it. And for that, we thank every single one of them who made the popularity of this blog possible.

Now, as for you fucking grumpy ass haters, you have two choices: 1) Keep reading and helping us achieve our goal of awesome popularity amongst the masses, while being so angry that it actually ruins your day and gives you the ability to not sleep at night or 2) Move the fuck on. Kinda like how your girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband did when they found out you were a pathetic piece of shit. Your choice. It's not gonna hurt our feelings. We achieve our goal everyday which is simple: having you come back wanting more...even if it bugs the shit out of you.

You're Welcome! Now I need to get back to banging your mom. Bitch has been begging for it all morning. Keep it 100.


H-Bomb said...

I wish I had an extra set of thumbs... so I could give all you haters FOUR thumbs down!

Anonymous said...

Take pleasure in the thought that those fucking losers have miserable lives.

Jasers66 said...

So what exactly are you trying to say here?
I'd appreciate not having to read between the lines.

Anonymous said...

And that is that. Thanks Mista Wunder!!!!

jenn2112 said...

Fuck the haters! They need to get a life, for real. You guys do what you do, and you do it well. I'd love to see the haters attempt to do half of what you've done already.

Blueidokie said...

Haha, I love this shit! Preach it GG.

Anonymous said...

For all the haters out there, Go fuck your self, this blog is for ppl who appreciate a good fucking laugh

Anonymous said...

Best Blog EVER... period.

james said...

Your old posts used to be good, but this one just didn't have the flash that you normally have. I hate to say it, but it seems to me your posts are going stale.