Monday, June 2, 2014

Don't Fuck With My Cinnabons

Violence is never okay, but a stale pastry can certainly drive some people into a violent rage — especially when you were promised a fresh and delicious airport-quality Cinnabon but all you got was a subpar Burger King castoff.

Andrea Ann McCullough of Charleston, South Carolina was arrested on Tuesday at Burger King when she found that her Cinnabon (which the chain is advertising quite heavily in-store) was "not fresh." When McCoullough was told that this was the only roll the establishment had left — Oh, hell no! — she weighed her options carefully and chose to yell out a measured "I'm going to shoot everyone" before storming off into the night. That could have been all, but McCullough was so incensed (nay, enraged!) by the fast food establishment's lies that she returned to the restaurant and, with her hand in her purse, stated "I'm going to shoot down this place."

The police were quickly called and McCullough was charged with second degree assault. It's not been reported whether she actually had a gun or was just bluffing so the employees would go in the back and make her some more goddamn cinnamon buns. In either case, threatening to shoot anyone over a honey bun with frosting is never an okay option and at the very best, McCullough will never eat a Cinnabon from this particular franchise ever again. At worst, she will spend three years in a state prison. She's out on $10,000 bail.

Correction: This incident occurred in mid-May. Police arrested McCullough this week after tracking down her license plate number. (Hopefully no other Burger Kings were terrorized during this time.)

via - Jezebel

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