Wednesday, June 18, 2014

What You Said vs What You Meant

When it comes to posting shit on social networks like Facebook or texting someone, what we want to say doesn't necessarily come out the way we would like it to. Call it being shy or just a straight up fucking pussy, the truth is, there are usually hidden messages when it comes down to it. 100% of us are guilty of these crimes so without further adieu, enjoy a little "What you said vs. What you meant".


"Why me?"
Translation: Someone please ask me what the fuck is wrong because I want attention. BADLY.

#yummy (when posting a food pic)
Translation: I'll eat what I fucking want.

"Date night!"
Translation: Fuck off single friends!

"Why are men/women so difficult?"
Translation: Bitch, you crazy!!!

Translation: Face to face interaction is not my thing. Internet friends please entertain me.

"I don’t always (fill in the blank)"
Translation: I’m in denial that I ALWAYS do (fill in the blank)

"Love my life <3"
Translation: I’m going through some depressing shit, but my therapist said I need to be positive.

"BAE caught me slippin’"
Translation: I took this selfie and don’t want to admit I’m really alone.

"Vegas baby!"
Translation: WARNING!!! I am going to post way too many drunk pics and might catch an STD tonight. Goodbye dignity!

Translation: I’m gonna wait until 10 people ask what’s going on until I respond. Pitty party in 3...2..1…

"Gym time/Beast mode"
Translation: Workouts don’t count unless I notify the internet.


Translation: That shit was not even remotely funny.

Translation: Leave me the fuck alone.

"I’m around the corner."
Translation: I haven’t left my house.

"Wanna grab a drink?"
Translation: I need to get fucked up and forget about my life.

Translation: Wanna fuck?

"Let’s catch up sometime"
Translation: I have no intention of seeing you any time soon

Translation: That was not interesting at all, so shut the fuck up.

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