Monday, May 7, 2012

What This REAL Woman Wants: Occupy Up In This Bitch!

So obviously the 1% of women ruffled some feathers with the column, "What REAL Women Want". A fan read this, said, "Oh hellllll nahhhhh...fuck this bitch" and wrote in her thoughts to the so-called "Perfect 10" 6 Rules. Looks like someone is about to OCCUPY UP IN THIS BITCH! 

If you missed out on the "Perfect 10" piece, click the link here: What REAL Women Want: On behalf of the 1% of women

1. Men who act uninterested are either truly uninterested or they are fucking five other women and don't want to add to the juggle. I for one do not need to convince a motherfucker to be with me. If he wants to pass on me then that's okay. I see it as his loss. Why waste time on someone who wants to play games and basically make you beg for their attention? It makes you look like an annoying ankle bitter dog. No one wants that around. A guy who doesn't give you the time of day doesn't deserve yours. Move the fuck on!

2. If a guy even needs to be told about such attire being unacceptable, he is a lost cause. A man will know how to dress himself. The important word there was MAN if you didn't catch that.

3. Once again...a MAN does not have trouble in this department. The reason is that college boys, and those with lacking mental maturity, have not learned from past mistakes. You know what women like? A man that smells clean! You know why? Because if a man smells clean, we assume all of him is being kept clean which gives you bedroom points. Don't ask sales people. Some of those bitches sell some nasty ass smelling stuff that offends my nose from miles away.

4. Being sloppy drunk is obviously not a good way to get a quality girl or guy. Who the fuck would think anything different? Maybe an alcoholic looking for a drinking buddy? I'm not wasting my time on this one any longer. Next!

5. If I think you're hot and I give you the OK to dance with me, I just expect not to get second based on the dance floor. No touching the cooch either. If the girl is in booty shorts, she is asking for attention. I don't care what the fuck she says. If she didn't want the attention, her ass would not be out for all to see bending over and shaking on the dance floor. The only thing I agree with here is that real women do know how to own that dick in the bedroom or wherever you decide to get it on.

6. Intelligent conversation is nice. If you're talking to an intelligent man, take his compliment because if you don't, you just come off like a stuck up bitch to the 10th degree. I don't care how much your shit don't stink. Every person on this planet likes a well-placed and tasteful compliment. Maybe if you quit wearing booty shorts everywhere you'll find out what tasteful means. And as for the friend zone? Why would you even get to a third date with a friend zone case? Are you just in it for the free movie, dinner, and attention?

The thing that people forget most in the dating scene is honesty. Fuck the games, the so-called rules, and tell someone how you feel in a non-stalker way. If they reciprocate then fan-fucking-tastic! If they don't, fuck 'em! Not literally of course. Just don't waste another second on it. Move the hell on because there is better to be had. There is a difference between having standards and being a demanding cunt bag. It is the line between you being happy and in a quality relationship, and ending up a bitter cat lady. I wish you luck. Oh... and like how I did not compliment you? You're welcome!

Love Your Fucking Face J-Wunder,



Anonymous said...

So on the spot!!

MsLeah said...


Lisa B said...

This perfect 10 needs an education...if she is so content and perfect....then why the negative BLOG!

just me said...

This is on point!! That "perfect 10" is probably trolling the clubs looking for "Mr. Right Now" or feeding her 37 cats!

Jenna C said...

Oh, that was nice. She got it!

pertyfullmami said...

the difference between the 2...the second put it down right nice and easy while the first had to much to say therefor too much to prove. im betting the first is a smut anyways :)

Anonymous said...

Please talk to my cousin. I think she may have written the last one.

Anonymous said...

Preach girl...preach!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

After reading this, gotta say this is what a real woman is all about. Love it!