Thursday, January 22, 2015

The APP That Probably Some Crazy Bitch Made For Crazy Bitches!!!

This is not a joke, people. This is not some photoshop shit I was able to conjure up…I'm not that clever.

This my friends, is the real fucking deal. The worst part…IT'S FUCKED UP!!!

LADIES: For just 99 cents, you can finally provide the proof he asked for. He'll be leaving his wife or girlfriend in no time!!!

This has got to be the most fucked up prank any human being could do, to any fucking body!!!

To give you an idea of how awesome some crazy bitches think this is, here are some reviews:

Who comes up with this shit? I mean, damn Gina. You and I both know that some crazy bitch out there is like, "Perfect! He ain't gonna leave my ass now!" What in the actual fuck, right?

As the ladies are probably sitting down and laughing their asses off as they download this amazing and cold-blooded app, you know what men are thinking? 

"Fuck this raw-dog, pulling out and cumming on her back, bullshit. I need to go to Costco or Sam's Club and invest in some goddamn condoms. They sell stock for Trojan?" Shit, dudes who are about to fuck a chick are probably gonna try and sneak a peek on a bitches phone and see if they have this app to make sure if they do get pregnant, they aren't being fucked with. Y'all laugh but us dudes would do that sort of shit. 

I can see it now, bitches like the #4 review above, are like, "This is MY YEAR! I WILL get MARRIED, even if I have to fake this goddamn pregnancy. Here's to being a crazy cunt that is finally gonna have someone in their life other than 10 cats!"

Think about all the crazy bitches out there sending this to a dude who did them fucking wrong!! "Hey bitch, remember me? You better give me $300 for an abortion or I'm gonna take your sorry ass for child support." Bitches could make a quick dime off that shit. *as crazy bitches take notes this exact minute*

However, if y'all crazy females want to get real shady, send some shit like this to a dude:

Fellas, if you're a guy like me who absolutely LOVES to RAW DOG and NEVER pull out (don't judge, that shit feels good, son!), after reading this, your ass better think fucking twice. Why? Because crazy bitches do this type of shit. Why the fuck you think there's an app for it? Some may say, "Well, that's a funny joke." Nah bitch. A funny joke is fucking with my keyboard at work. Do some shit like this to an unstable motherfucker, especially one who doesn't like kids, and you'll find your ass with a coat hanger up your vagina or falling down a flight of stairs. For reals, yo!

Some poor motherfuckers are probably bedside right now saying, "God, please let this be a fucking joke. I'm a good person. Sure I cheating on my fucking wife but I promise, if this is a joke, I'll be good. And I'll go to church 3 times a week. Amen."

For all those ladies who were done wrong, this app is for you! For you crazy bitches, you already know. For you lonely bitches who can't keep a guy, watch the fuck out!

This my friends is some cold-blooded shit that has me at a loss for words. When you have someone send me some shit like this:

Y'all making me try and get right with the Lord our Savior and not even have sex. Just immediately stop that shit, cold turkey. I don't care if they have a titanium fucking condom. I have found abstinence and will become a fucking priest because bitches be crazy and now, this is one more thing to add to their "I'm gonna scare the fuck out of this fool because I can!" list.

You're welcome. I guess.

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